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What Are the 4 Highly Medicinal Values of the Humble Corn Plant?

During the middle of the 16th century, the corn plant was introduced to China. Corn, rice, and wheat are the three major crops grown worldwide and are often recognized as the “golden crops.” Corn’s nutritional content is second only to soybeans. 100 grams of corn contains: ● Protein (8.5 gm) ● Fat (4.3 gm) ● ...

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Closeup of an ear of corn in a corn field.

The Natural Guardians That Protect Your Heart

Heart disease can seriously endanger human health. Patients with heart disease should pay special attention to their diets. Dietary therapy is an important way to relieve the suffering of patients with heart disease. The following foods can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, protect the heart, and prevent heart disease. Chocolate guards against heart disease ...

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Corn: The Rice Alternative With Many Health Benefits

From ancient times to the present day, many people, including emperors, generals, and ordinary people, have liked to eat corn. It has a high nutritional value and can help prevent coronary heart disease, obesity, and gallstones. The nutritional value According to historical records, Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty was hungry when he was away ...

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Corn on the cob.