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Damaged Immune System Main Reason for the Pandemic of Vaccinated People

Ever since the coronavirus-induced pandemic broke out, health experts have been focusing on the human immune system and ways to bolster its efficacy. In fact, most COVID-19 vaccines are meant for enhancing the protection offered by the immune system. However, the human immune system is pretty complicated. It is said to be the most complex ...

Raven Montmorency

Close-up of a medical syringe withdrawing a dose of medicine from a small vial.

Youth in the Pandemic World: Physically Strong, but Psychologically Vulnerable

Except for China, most nations of the world have relaxed pandemic restrictions; however, the landscape of a post-pandemic world is still far from perfect. The disparity between the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic worlds is significant because the painful narratives and what they had left behind will likely take a lifetime before being forgotten.  While older people ...

Haidene Go

Young man wearing a COVID facemask.

How Has the Pandemic Changed Us 2 Years On?

I have been reading a book recently, which keeps me up with a resolution for the New Year — reading more often. A part of the tale centers around a plague. Historic plagues have been taught and spoken about, yet never did I believe we’d experience a pandemic in my lifetime. Then, along came the ...

Katrina Hicks

Young woman looking sad through a window.

How to Cope With Mental Stress Posed by the Pandemic

The pandemic induced by the coronavirus has altered life for billions of people, with factors such as ethnicity, religion, and income level or location notwithstanding. The worrisome thing is the virus just does not go away and widespread vaccination has not been able to eradicate it, causing high levels of mental stress. While the medical ...

Raven Montmorency

A visualizatin of the coronavirus at the molecular level.

A Common-Sense Perspective on COVID-19

The COVID-19 coronavirus is on all of our minds, and for a good reason. We are living through a global pandemic, and there’s much we still don’t know, and with that uncertainty comes fear. Even though many of us are vaccinated, it remains a complex and fast-moving situation with the omicron variant. Given this, we ...

Jack Roberts

A visualizatin of the coronavirus at the molecular level.

How COVID-19 Destroys the Lungs

There is no denying how the year 2020 changed life for billions of people, regardless of factors such as economic level, ethnicity, or religion. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people socialize, work, interact, and even buy things. While much has been said and written on the killer virus and its effects on the human ...

Armin Auctor

Doctor with a stethoscope and a hologram of inflamed lungs.

Lockdown Lessons

Wikipedia describes a lockdown as “a restriction policy for people or community to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can interact and move freely.”  In November 2020, “lockdown” was declared word of the year by Collins Dictionary — hardly surprising given how many global lockdowns ...

Katrina Hicks

A padlock with a map of the world engraved on it along with the word 'lockdown', sitting on a disposable blue mask.

Questions About US-Funded Research at the Wuhan Lab

The debate surrounding the origins of the coronavirus simply refuses to die as congressional testimony over the issue of U.S. money being used to fund research at the Wuhan lab in China leads to ongoing allegations and denials during congressional testimonies. Several voices both within and outside the U.S. government have been pointing fingers at ...

Max Lu

Image of the coronavirus on a blue background.