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Hai Rui: Champion of Integrity Against Ming Dynasty Corruption

During the reign of Emperor Shizong of the Ming Dynasty, Hai Rui, the magistrate of Chun’an County in Zhejiang Province, was renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice and his refusal to yield to the rich and powerful. The local people honored him with the nickname “Hai Qingtian,” likening him to Bao Qingtian, the legendary ...

Mikel Davis

Statue of upright Ming Dynasty official Hai Rui.

To Avoid Having Regrets, Don’t Do These 6 Things

Throughout your lifetime, you have undoubtedly had some regrets. Perhaps some regrets were significant, while some were small, and you wish you had more guidance to do better next time. The good news is history has left us ancient wisdom to help guide us. One such example of wisdom comes from Kou Zhun, a famous ...

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A stack of Chinese money.

The Cruel and Oppressive Rule of Jiang Zemin

The death of Former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Jiang Zemin was officially announced on November 30. Reportedly, he was 96 at the time of death. As expected, the CCP authorities dutifully praised him, but how do the Chinese people view him? Chinese-Canadian journalist and writer Sheng Xue tweeted: “Jiang Zemin is the tyrant of ...

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The former Jiang Zemin.

Jiang Zemin: Death of Another Vicious Communist Despot

Much will be written about ex-Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin in the coming days following his death, aged 96. In announcing Jiang Zemin’s death, state media outlet Xinhua described him as a great Marxist and a great proletarian revolutionary, among other leftist template titles. Xinhua said Jiang Zemin died of leukemia and multiple organ ...

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Former Chinese Chairman Jiang Zemin.

Xinjiang Hospital Is Harvesting Organs

A hospital in Aksu in the Xinjiang region that was previously dedicated to fighting infectious diseases has apparently been turned into an internment camp. Uyghur activists fear that the camp is being used by the Chinese regime for harvesting organs from inmates.  Harvesting organs Bahtiyar Omar, the director of the Norway-based Uyghur Transitional Justice Database ...

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Organ harvesting.

How Power Corrupts the Mind

It is said that power corrupts the mind and that absolute power corrupts one absolutely. Research into the nature of power and how it affects the mind seem to agree with this age-old adage. Power and the human mind Andy J. Yap, who is currently a professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, has researched deeply ...

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Two men shaking hands.