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Beads Show European Trade in African Interior Used Indigenous Routes

Tiny glass beads discovered in mountain caves about 25 miles from the shores of Lake Malawi in eastern-central Africa provide evidence that European trade in the continent’s hinterland was built on Indigenous trade routes from the coast to the interior that had existed for centuries, according to a study co-authored by Yale anthropologist Jessica Thompson. ...

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A large and a small glass bead.

When Australia Stood Up to China

When Australia dared to call for an independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 in 2020, China was incensed. It responded with an unprecedented wave of trade restrictions that froze many categories of the country’s exports, rapidly decoupling economic ties. But if Beijing hoped to punish Canberra for its defiance with economic pain and warn ...

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Australia has not suffered as much as China thought from trade restrictions.

China Is Developing Its Capacity Through Weaponizing Trade

China is taking proactive steps that reflect its deep desire to emerge as a leading player in trading, technology, and armed forces. It is weaponizing trade to accomplish this. The country is not shy about flexing its muscles, and of late it has made headlines for showing aggression while dealing with neighboring nations. It is ...

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Train cars filled with coal.

How Taiwan Beat China to Emerge as Asia’s Top-Performing Economy in 2020

For the first time in 30 years, Taiwan’s economy raced past that of mainland China’s, growing 3.11 percent in 2020, exceeding China’s 2.3 percent expansion according to its National Statistics bureau. The last time Taiwan’s economy grew faster than that of China was in 1990 when the island’s 5.5 percent growth rate beat its larger ...

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Taiwanese semiconductor chip.

China’s Violations of WTO Regulations Leading to Mistrust

The WTO is a world trade rule-setting organization. It was created after the World War II trade agreement between countries like the United States and the United Kingdom to encourage economic ties and maintain a peaceful world, based on mutual values. It promotes unanimous decisions and requires all members to adhere to certain principles. On ...

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Containers on a container ship.

Australians Call for Boycott of Chinese Businesses

Not taking it lying down, Australians call for a boycott of Chinese businesses. Around 41 wineries and vineyards have called for boycotting of all China-owned businesses in the country after Beijing imposed severe restrictions on Australian businesses. The call for a boycott by the wineries soon attracted Internet attention and other Australians also joined in ...

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A nearly empty wineglass.

The Connection Between Ancient China and Somalia

The relationship between China and African countries has been going strong for many years. But there are some connections that date back to ancient times, like the relationship between ancient China and the Somalis of the long-gone Ajuran Empire. Ajuran Empire of Somalia Not much is known about the Ajuran Sultanate. But history tells us ...

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Greater Cape Town, South Africa.

U.S.-China Trade Conflict: How and When Will It End?

The trade war between the U.S. and China has been going on for the past several months, and many people are starting to wonder why the trade talks haven’t been able to resolve the dispute. There is a good reason why both nations are unable to arrive at a satisfactory agreement — the Chinese Communist ...

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Negotiating U.S.-China trade deal.

How China’s BRI Threatens the State of the World

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiative promises to establish a new silk route that will usher in prosperity to the nations attached to the project. However, given that the country is ruled by an authoritarian communist regime, doubts over the real intentions of the BRI have been raised from all corners of the world ever since ...

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The U.S. May Soon Finalize a Trade Deal With China

Over the past several past months, the U.S. has been facing a trade conflict with China that has created confusion and fear in the global business arena. New reports suggest that we might be close to a U.S.-China trade deal soon that would end uncertainty in the markets and put the world economy back on track. ...

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