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A God-Sent Magic Coin Made a Man Rich

Not long ago in China, a young man was honest and good at math and writing. He knew how to do business well and had saved up some money. Unfortunately, bad luck followed, which made him lose all the coins he had earned. He ended up wandering the streets and destitute. One night, he was ...

Emma Lu

A few Chinese yuan coins.

Roots of a Founding Father: The Early Life of George Washington

George Washington, renowned as the first President of the United States, had his beginnings in a prosperous plantation family in Virginia in February 1732. His life, characterized by personal loss, enduring resilience, and steadfast moral integrity, offers a timeless narrative that resonates with people of all ages. This journey through the early life of George ...

Max Lu

George Washington statue erected outside The National Gallery.

10 Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

There’s an increase in the number of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 10 percent of people 65 years of age in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease. That number is projected to double in 20 years, and that is an alarming statistic. The risk of you or someone you ...

David Jirard

The omega-9 oils in walnuts make them a great brain food.

Epic Peaks, Endless Thrills: Discover Mexico’s Top 10 Highest Mountains

¡Viva la Aventura! Are you an adventurer, always seeking new experiences and spectacular landscapes? Then Mexico is the perfect destination for you. Its diverse range of landscapes, from sun-kissed beaches to vibrant cities, will captivate your imagination. But what truly sets Mexico apart are its imposing mountains, some of North America’s tallest and most impressive. ...

Haidene Go

Aerial view of the Popocatepetl volcano mountain towering over Mexico City.

10 Pearls of Wisdom from the Jewish Culture

The Jewish community, which makes up only 0.3 percent of the global population, astonishingly accounts for 20 percent of the Nobel Prize winners. They have also claimed 38 percent of the U.S. National Science Awards, 27 percent of the Turing Awards, and 42 percent of the Neumann Awards. Despite numerous adversities, the Jewish community has ...

Max Lu

Jewish culture.

Genghis Khan Built the Mongol Empire by Recruiting Talented People

Talented individuals are the backbone and cornerstone of a career and are closely related to the rise and fall of a country. Genghis Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, not only had a glorious military record in history, but later generations have also praised his approach to talent. He was skilled at identifying and ...

Emma Lu

Genghis Khan.

How to Bake Without Eggs: 8 DIY Egg Substitutes

Eggs are a healthy and excellent source of proteins. Not only are they low in calories and rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but also there are several ways to use them. They are easy to prepare and quite affordable in most parts of the world.  They also feature in many baking recipes. Eggs help ...

Nathan Machoka

A basket of eggs.

Discover Bali’s Hidden Beauty: 7 Lesser-Known Places to Visit

The island of Bali in Indonesia is famous for its beautiful scenery and history. There are many people at popular places like Kuta Beach and Ubud, but there are also a lot of less popular places that are peaceful, beautiful, and offer something different. 7 of Bali’s secret gems 1. Sekumpul Waterfall Sekumpul Waterfall, nestled ...

Viena Abdon

The Sekumpul Waterfall.

Uncovering the Benefits of E-Bikes: Debunking Common Myths

Is e-biking the lazy person’s alternative to traditional bicycles? Many people once believed so, but recent studies have shown that electric bikes, or e-bikes, encourage people to be more active. Over the past few years, e-biking has become a game-changer in the world of transportation and exercise, and for a good reason.  What is an ...

Haidene Go

An e-bike.