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Famen Temple: When Monks Encountered the Red Guards

In the north of Fufeng County, Baoji City in Shaanxi Province, exists the Famen Temple, built by the emperors of the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25-220). The underground palace pagoda in the temple enshrines a section of the authentic relic of Buddha Shakyamuni’s middle finger bone. Red Guards attack the Famen Temple In 1966, a ...

Michael Segarty

The Famen Temple.

The Legend of Qin Liangyu: China’s Female General (Part 2)

In the 48th year of Emperor Wanli’s reign during the Ming Dynasty, Qin Liangyu‘s White Pole Army engaged in several fierce battles with the Later Jin troops, significantly weakening their morale. Around this time, the emperor passed away, and Guang Zong ascended the throne. However, he ruled for just a month before dying, followed by ...

Mikel Davis

Female Chinese soldier on horseback.

The Legend of Qin Liangyu: China’s Female General (Part 1)

Over thousands of years of Chinese history, Qin Liangyu stands out as the only woman to have been officially recognized as a general by the nation. Celebrated by the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor Chongzhen in a poem, she is the only female general recorded in the Twenty-Five Histories, filling the long-standing gap of female representation in ...

Mikel Davis

Chinese painting of famous female general, Qian Liangyu.

The Grape and the Monk: An Ancient Parable on Shaping One’s Destiny

Throughout history, tales have been told to illuminate the deeper truths of our existence, to guide us when we feel lost, and to remind us of the power that lies within. Such is the ancient parable of Defu, whose name symbolizes fortune, but whose life was marked by anything but. Through an unexpected encounter with ...

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Two hands holding purple grapes.

The Wise Judgment of Zhao He: An Ancient Chinese Tale of Justice

In ancient China’s governance system, local officials could only exercise authority within their territories. Once they crossed the boundaries of their jurisdiction, they had no permission to handle cases beyond their region. An exemplary official in Jiangyin When Emperor Luzong of the Tang Dynasty had just ascended the throne, Zhao He served as the county ...

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Pink plum blossom.

5 Legendary Dreams of Chinese Folklore

Throughout China’s vast folklore, there are five dreams that have become household tales. These legendary narratives, passed down from ancient times, offer profound insights into the realities of life. The dream of yellow millet During the Tang Dynasty, there was a sage named Lü Weng. In his travels, he came across a young man named ...

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Illustration of a man in ancient Chinese robes taking a nap while a dragon swirls over his head in a misty cloud.

The Inspirational Story of Kou Zhun’s Mother: A Lesson in Moral Education

China, with its 5,000-year-old civilization, has always been recognized for the importance it places on familial education. Ancient Chinese believed in nurturing good character and morals in their children, such as the renowned minister Kou Zhun, following the principle that one can only “manage the family, govern the country, and pacify the world” by leading ...

Max Lu

Chinese painting of Kou Zhun, an official during the Northern Song Dynasty.

Historical Tale From China: Murong Yanchao Outsmarts a Swindler

During the Later Han Dynasty (947-950), Yunzhou’s leading commander, Murong Yanchao, was celebrated for his exceptional wit and knack for capturing thieves. His reputation was unparalleled. A thriving pawnshop under the midday sun In the heart of Yunzhou City, there stood a bustling pawnshop of considerable size, renowned for its flourishing business and impeccable reputation. ...

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The tower in Kaiyuan Temple with cherry blossoms.

The Power of Emotional Healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine

“The heart’s ailment requires the heart’s remedy,” remarked Zhang Jingyue, a renowned physician from the Ming Dynasty. He believed that diseases resulting from unresolved thoughts can only be cured when emotional desires are met and satisfied. Traditional Chinese medicine and emotional healing There are various psychological therapies in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Most of them ...

Emma Lu

Double rainbow over a field of yellow flowers with a tree in the background.