Act of Kindness: Man Receives Big Surprise by Supporting a Noodle Restaurant

People eating at a counter in a Japanese restaurant while the chef grills meat in front of them.
An act of kindness can be rewarded in unusual ways, as one man finds after supporting his favorite restaurant through the pandemic. (Image: StockSnap via Pixabay)

The pandemic has had a global impact, especially on the hospitality industry. This is the story of how one Japanese man’s love for his local noodle restaurant and an act of kindness brought him an unexpected reward. He bought noodles from there every single day for six months, trying to make sure the business didn’t become another victim of the terrible pandemic.

He spent around 200,000 yen, or about US$1,800 in that time, making the restaurant owners very grateful for his support. Not only did he give them his financial support, but he also promoted the place all over his social media, encouraging others to enjoy the delicious noodles and plentiful side dishes they served. 

Man finds love through his act of kindness

One of the waiters at the restaurant got to know this customer very well over the six months and came to see that not only did he love the food, but he also had a warm and generous heart. The waiter had a niece who was single and decided to take a chance. He introduced the two of them and with a lovely twist to the story, they fell in love and got married. Our favorite restaurant patron became an Internet sensation in Japan — people couldn’t get enough of him!

A man places a wedding ring on his bride's finger.
The man fell in love with and married a young woman introduced to him by one of the waiters. (Image: Mohamad Nazim Zaffery via Dreamstime)

As the saying goes, one who loves receives love in return; those who bless become blessed. A simple act of kindness was rewarded with great love. If you’re single and looking for love, maybe supporting your favorite restaurant is the answer!

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Kathy McWilliams

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