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What Is Your Brain’s Favorite Food?

As we all know, the brain is a vital organ of the human body, and people of all ages need to nourish and strengthen it. What should we do in our daily life? In addition to ensuring enough sleep and moderate daily exercise, we can supplement this vital organ with many nutrients through food. 10 ...

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7 Foods That Are Good for Your Brain

Keeping the brain in good working order has a great impact on your daily life. These 7 brain foods are simple components of a daily diet that will keep it healthy. Keep in mind that for the fruits and vegetables listed, frozen are just as good as their fresh counterparts which will save on the ...

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7 Foods to Keep Your Blood Vessels Young

If the body’s blood vessels are not working properly, they cannot deliver blood to all parts of the body. As you age, fatty traces form in your blood vessels causing the cells lining the inside of the vessels to increase in number and size. This leads to medical emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes. ...

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An Introduction to 6 Important Ingredients Used in TCM

Contrary to popular beliefs, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) consists of a sensible diet. Chinese medicine’s practice is to intake certain foods that help keep the body balanced. The whole diet of TCM involves the intake of herbs, fruits, and pulses (dry peas, chickpeas, beans, lentils) with great health benefits. These foods have proven scientific health ...

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Best Foods to Eat for Brain Function

Do you know the best foods to eat for brain function? I have listed my top food picks to improve brain health naturally. Why is this important? It’s possible that you have heard of some foods known for brain clarity and focus, but have you worked out how to include them in your daily meals? ...

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7 Nutrient-Rich Nuts and Seeds for Easing Winter Chills

It is often hard to zero in on healthy snacks that bring you nutrients and help you stay in shape during the winter months. Moreover, people lack the time to prepare healthy snacks daily, while juggling their jobs and doing domestic chores. If you are in the same situation and want relief from gorging on ...

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7 Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Something all of us get at some time in our life is inflammation and we don’t want this staying in and around our bodies for too long. It’s because all diseases have an inflammatory component to them. There are recognized anti-inflammatory foods that can help. One of the essential components in maintaining your true health ...

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6 Anti-Fatigue Foods

Human organs work 24 hours a day non-stop, which is very hard. After working for a long time, fatigue will set in. How to relieve this? It is necessary to consume anti-fatigue foods for different types of organ fatigue. 6 anti-fatigue foods to relieve organ fatigue 1. Brain fatigue: Eat walnuts If the brain is ...

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2 Ways to Get Enough Calcium Without Supplements

It is well known that calcium is an important mineral for maintaining strong bones and teeth, assisting in blood clotting, and helping the heart keep beating. By eating a varied diet, you can get enough calcium, making it unnecessary to use supplements. People need strong bones and teeth to be healthy and your bone mass ...

Helen London

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11 Brain Foods

Everyone wants to be smart and have the ability to learn and memorize things quickly. In fact, to get these benefits, some people are willing to spend a lot of money on supplements to boost their brain function. The truth is, there are 11 common brain foods that are readily available and they won’t break ...

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